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All kinds of seasonings are prepared, according to people's taste, rough! Nibble This kind of chicken is a six-legged chicken with natural feed, and one chicken can form three family buckets! Each Kind of seasoning, can not be delicious!? And Ye Chen, with the top assembly line food of modern industry, to the Qin Dynasty, can it not be delicious? Local people, if one is not delicious, Ye Chen threw the whole family bucket on the spot! Therefore, Ye Chen and so on opens own family bucket, Qin Shihuang smells this spicy taste, can be aroused the greedy insect! Work Delivered so much takeout for the world takeout worker, and once sent braised chicken to the female emperor, he was confident to conquer Qin Shihuang with a bucket of fried chicken! "Here!" "All right!" Meng Tian hesitated for a second and then said! Mr. Yechen, just now, it was our two brothers who had offended many people and had some misunderstandings! Meng Tian said to Ye Chen! This At that time, Ye Chen stepped down from the car, locked the car so as not to be stolen by the people here, and then sent the Jade Lion and the Heavenly Sword into his own space, carrying his takeout alone, and walked to Meng Tian! ? Meng Tian's close observation of Ye Chen, more feel Ye Chen, unfathomable! So powerful! Somehow, in the face of Ye Chen, there is a feeling of facing the Qin Emperor when he was young! Chapter 564 hundred miles Qin Palace! Suddenly, that Meng Tian stare big eyes,manganese beneficiation plant, he from Ye Chen's body, as if, felt a kind of if there is no domineering, this kind of domineering, unparalleled! Imitation Buddha is born to be a hero! At the same time, there is a very good hidden murderous look, this trace of murderous look overflow, let oneself under the horse silent! Body Side of the soldiers, countless people under the horse,coltan ore processing, all back a few steps! All The Ministry is silent! This murderous look! That's terrible! Meng Tian was stunned! This Ye Chen's murderous look, how, more cattle than me!? "Could it be that he killed more people than I did, more than our Meng Tian and Meng Yi sisters?" “ Nope! It's impossible! 。
Meng Tian Mengyi two brothers are shocked speechless, after all, this is too incredible! He The two of them, known as the warriors of the Qin Dynasty, are regarded as the contemporary killing God Bai Qi! The two of them have killed thousands of strong enemies with their own hands! This Ye Chen, more ruthless than them? The most ruthless man in the world? Both of them were shocked! However, what they don't know is that Ye Chen killed tens of thousands of zombies and completed the perversion of ten thousand people! What he kills is not a person, because Ye Chen is 21 world new five good youth, simply will not make the murder this kind of crime, what he kills is the zombie, eliminates the harm for the people! But Yes, zombies are more horrible than people, killing zombies, more able to condense the murderous look! Meng Tian was stunned! Meng Yi is completely convinced at this time! Be worthy of one's word, it is the man that positive steel broke oneself! Nope A man who cuts off his sword in fencing! Have this kind of murderous look, the world's first warrior, tin beneficiation plant ,gold shaking table, is not too much! And at this point! Meng Tian heart is shocked unceasingly, because he found! Leaf Morning's body, in addition to this kind of domineering murderous look, at the same time, there is a trace of imperial spirit! This kind of breath, very thin, at the same time, is also very difficult to capture! However, has been accompanied by the king, at the same time and Reese's personal good Meng Tian, also know some of the art of physiognomy, so he was able to detect Ye Chen this kind of light imperial gas! This Kind of breath, you know, in this world, only Your Majesty, Emperor Ying Zheng has it! This Ye Chen, how can there be!? Leaf Morning indifferent smile, Ye Chen itself naturally did not, but, Wu Yi, sent his own imperial breath! This imperial breath, though not yet perceived to be of great use, but.. Used to scare people, or good! Ye Chen thought in his heart! And At this time! Meng Yi respectfully took Ye Chen to the Grand Palace! This The Grand Palace, nothing else! Yes, the famous one! Xianyang Palace! Leaf Chen narrowed his eyes! This Xianyang Palace, in later generations has become the ruins of the Xianyang Palace in the tourist attractions, is based on the ruins built! Leaf Morning, at this time is standing at the gate of the Xianyang Palace! This huge doorway is even more lofty and tall than the Qing Palace! Leaf Chen and Meng Tian, Meng Yi and others walked into the gate, as if they had entered a movie set! Jane Straight, too atmospheric! Than those of Hollywood in the three d giant CG effect, to cattle! It's an explosion! North According to Bi yuan, south of the Wei River, Xianyang Palace across the city from east to west, linked into one, commanding, magnificent momentum. Repress more than three hundred Li, isolate the sun! Qin The period of the building, high platform building, was massive, take the cross axis symmetrical combination, the scale is huge, the image is prominent, the pursuit of symbolic meaning! Mainly black, the atmosphere is incomparable! This palace is really too atmospheric! Even Ye Chen, who was well-informed, was somewhat shocked! Qin The Han Dynasty is one of the quintessences of Chinese culture! Unfortunately, the age is too old, there is not much left! There are not many buildings left, most of them are ruins, only some ancient tombs, which can restore the grand occasion at that time! This is the real architecture of the Qin Dynasty! Ye Chen narrowed his eyes! It's almost the same as the ones on TV, but there are some differences. Should really let future generations of those directors see! "This is the real Qin Dynasty!" "The real Iron-blooded Daqin!" This Time! In the palace, five steps a sentry, ten steps a sentry, is simply airtight! Each All kinds of hidden doors, all kinds of powerful barriers,magnetic separator machine, all kinds of high platforms, it is simply magnificent! "The emperor is really happy!" Leaf Morning sighs in the heart! "When will I be able to live in such a palace?" This At that time, Ye Chen had already passed countless checkpoints with Meng Tian and Meng Yi! Toward Go to the hall of the emperor of Qin! Qin. ore-magnetic-mining.com