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? "Boom-" a loud noise, when the rejuvenation childe swallowed this God fire rage Dan, the whole person gushed out of the flame, the whole person is like Vulcan, in an instant, his body's flame instantly rose into the sky, such a scene in front of him is like a huge active volcano eruption, that kind of flame sweeping the world's momentum, as if to destroy everything. Heard a "hum" sound, between the stone fire and lightning, the rejuvenation of the childe's head emerged twelve life palace, his whole person was wrapped in the flame, people look and feel that there is an indescribable sacred. Is it the true emperor? Although only his own palace of life was lit up in the twelve palaces of life above the head of the Prince of Rejuvenation, the other eleven palaces of life were still gloomy, but the breath emanating from his body was different. At this time, Huichun Childe exudes a majestic breath, which seems to be above nine days and ten places, seems to be in charge of the universe, as if it is a true emperor, but this breath is not the real true emperor breath, it is not as pure as the true emperor breath, there is no real true emperor inside,whirlpool hot tub, but it is still sacred and powerful. This is not the true emperor, but it has this level of strength. Lao Zu, who had seen the True Emperor, could not help saying in surprise: "This is to force one's own strength to soar to a palace of the True Emperor. Although Taoism remains unchanged, this really has the power of the True Emperor." "Shenhuo Rage Dan is too terrible. If you take this Dan, you can make your power soar crazily. No wonder it will become the supreme elixir of Longevity Kingdom." The elders of an aristocratic family can't help but be horrified. This is the matchless elixir that Wanshouguo is most proud of. This elixir can make the strength of the user soar crazily. Although there are some sequelae after taking this elixir, it is really too overbearing. It can make the strength of the user rise several levels in an instant. It is precisely because of this that I don't know how many people are eager for such elixirs. But this kind of elixir is not easy to refine for Wanshou Kingdom. It is very precious. Few people can have such an elixir. At this time, the Rejuvenation Gong in the hands of the Rejuvenation Childe burst out with a different light. In this moment, the Rerejuvenation Gong emerged round after round of sword awn. Each round of sword awn seemed to open a world. In such a world,5 person hot tub, there seemed to be a person standing, which was a magnificent figure. It is a true emperor, with unparalleled power, such power seems to be able to suppress the world. This is the real power of Rejuvenation, it is the sword of the true emperor, at this moment its most powerful power finally broke out, in the usual Rejuvenation childe can not control such power, but now when his strength soared to the true emperor, it is completely different. Die! In this moment, the confidence of the Prince of Rejuvenation is unprecedented, he feels like the arrival of the true emperor, with the strength of all directions. The sound of "clang, clang, clang" sounded, and in this moment, jacuzzi bath spa ,hot tub manufacturers, the light of the Rejuvenation Sword seemed to gather together. It seemed that in this moment, the Heaven and Earth Kendo congealed into a Heaven Sword. Finally, I heard a loud noise of "boom", and the whole long sword turned into a giant sword gushing flames. When the giant sword stood in the sky, it was accompanied by lightning and thunder. Such a great sword seems to pierce the sky, it seems that it is the sword of punishment from heaven, it carries the power of heaven, can slay all charm! "Heaven is angry with a sword!"! It's so powerful that the Prince of Rejuvenation has cast a sword of the wrath of heaven. This, this is the sword style exclusively enjoyed by the Emperor of Longevity. Seeing such a sword, Lao Zu, a great priest, was surprised. Day anger a sword- "see such a sword, I do not know how many big people in the great religion of Xinjiang have changed their faces, they have heard of the prestige of this sword.". Heavenly Rage Sword is a sword created by a true emperor of Wanshou Kingdom. This sword has the power of Heavenly Rage, which is a very taboo power. The power of this sword can go beyond the realm to slay the enemy. But this sword is extremely difficult to cast, and even the ancestors of the Wanshou Kingdom believed that such a sword was only qualified to be cast by the true emperor, but now it is cast by the Prince of Rejuvenation. How can it not be shocking.
"There is no mercy for a heretical way to kill!" Rejuvenation childe roared, the high sword of Qi Tian cut straight down, very fierce and overbearing. Hear a loud bang, under this sword, even the void is broken, the most terrible thing is that the void left scorched traces, even the space was burned in this moment, you can imagine how powerful such a terrible sword is. The people present, even if there is a God of heaven, see such a sword, can not help but change their faces, even if it is Yangming Sanren looking at such a sword, can not help but look at a congealed. "Buzz" sounded, in the face of such a domineering sword, Li Qiye's iron sword is just a casual lift. With the sound of "clang", the iron sword blocked such a violent sword, but it was an iron sword after all, even if it hit the vital point of the sword of Nu Tian, it was still useless. One force drops ten times. Seeing Li Qiye's iron sword, even if it hit the vital point of Nu Tian's sword, it was still of no help. Lao Zu saw the clue that under the absolute power, all the skillful skills were of no help and would be suppressed by the absolute power. Bang- "a sound, the iron sword is an iron sword after all, can not withstand the power of a sword of anger, the whole iron sword collapsed, turned into countless pieces of iron." "Boom-" a loud noise, a sword of anger after the collapse of the iron sword, the sword did not congeal but rise, carrying the power to destroy the world cut out Li Qiye, when such a crazy sword has not yet cut Li Qiye, heard the sound of "click" sounded, Li Qiye's whole body space has been shattered. It seems that the violent power of this sword can crush Li Qiye into meat sauce before it is cut down. Be careful- "See the angry day a sword cut off, Li Qiye all over the space are broken, Mu Yalan they are not surprised,hot tub spa manufacturers, cry out." When a sword fell on Li Qiye, Li Qiye opened his palm and a grass emerged, which gushed out endless sword awn in an instant. monalisa.com